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What is a Social Media Toolkit?


Social Media Toolkit

What is a Social Media Toolkit

A social media toolkit is a resource to be used for streamlining social campaigns on social media platforms. It plays an important role during social campaigns, using social media platforms. A toolkit would primarily contain visual assets that would help campaigners promote the cause, like social media posts and hashtags. Preparing a toolkit to address social causes helps you build an effective campaign that can enhance the social cause you’re supporting.

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How To Make A Social Media Toolkit

You can create your own social media toolkit to enhance your social campaigns. A good social media toolkit should contain the following. • State the purpose of your social cause. • Share factual data about the social cause to give readers an understanding of the current reach and impact. • Include sample posts that campaigners can use, along with content that might be helpful for sharing on social media platforms. • Recommend 4 to 6 hashtags that can fuel the reach of the social campaign online. The hashtags will also help you track fellow campaigners and the audience that’s talking. • Include visual assets in the form of photos, video, and any other necessary data. The visual assets can be for shareable content on social media, as well as for the campaigners themselves to learn more about the social cause they’re voicing for. • Monitor social media metrics to understand the spread and impact of the social campaign.

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