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WhatsApp Business Marketing in Pune

ChatPages - The Best WhatsApp Marketing Software When it comes to marketing, our thoughts immediately drift to how digital tools and social media is helping products/services to market at scale. At the moment, we have a handful of social media platforms to conduct marketing campaigns and gain visibility. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat, and many other social media platforms are helping us achieve the impossible in the world of marketing. And then, we have WhatsApp which, for many years, worked wonders for businesses to engage with their audience personally. Since the launch of the WhatsApp Business application in 2018, businesses have found it slightly easy to target and connect with their customers. Analysts predict that the open rate for a WhatsApp message is more than a typical email message, which begs the importance of being creative and innovative in WhatsApp marketing campaigns. But, there has been an invisible gap in WhatsApp in terms of reaching the audience whenever needed. Until now, businesses or brands need to work on some creative strategies to get the phone numbers of their target audience. Or they could send their number to the audience for any business updates. Either way, there is no “hack” into reaching your customers easily as a simple Google search. ChatPages seems to be the befitting alternative for the existing challenges faced by both businesses and customers.

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What is ChatPages?

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How is ChatPages helpful for businesses? As mentioned earlier, ChatPages serves as a WhatsApp business directory. This allows businesses to showcase their services when customers look for something specific from the listed categories. For startups and small businesses, this serves as an additional way of gaining visibility through a third-party app like ChatPages. WhatsApp marketing is about how communication can quickly happen between customers and businesses and ChatPages facilitates just that. Once a customer finds the listed business on ChatPages, he/she is directed to the contact line. Any administrator on behalf of the business will establish communication with the customer. This, in multiple ways, is helpful for businesses to grow their customer base and have personal interaction by sending frequent updates.


Other WhatsApp marketing softwares vs ChatPages :


ChatPages - Your ideal tool for WhatsApp Although WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business application is free, other softwares available in the market are expensive and offer little beyond what it's advertised as. Or sometimes, the results are likely the same. Big businesses and brands already know this, and they don’t rely on these softwares. Their campaigns are simple and targeted at what the customer would want first, and then they establish a means to communicate through WhatsApp. Small businesses don’t have to necessarily compete with big brands. They just have to know what is useful for them to maintain a relationship with their customers. ChatPages is ideal for the business and the customer to give and get what is exactly needed without exaggeration.

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