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White Background Product Photography Strategies for an Agricultural Spare Parts Manufacturer

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White Background Product Photography Strategies For An Agricultural Spare Parts Manufacturer | Strategy

Professional Product Photography Services
  1. The plan of action for the agricultural spare parts manufacturer involves the shooting of white background photography. (In the first phase) and then, later on, shooting client testimonial videos, product videos, and helping in the marketing updation.

  2. We ’d transport our shooting gear (transport charges at actuals) over to the factory; and setup in the space provided.

  3. We’d shoot multiple angles per product depending on the size, scope, and requirements of each product.

  4. On a timeline basis, it would take us 1.5 days to shoot 90 shots (accounting for different angles) spread across the desired number of products.

  5. Once the product shoot is complete, we can move on to shooting the required testimonial videos; and placement of the products on platforms like Industry buying with a view to marketing the same.

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