Because you are now, an employer!


It’s only natural to smile and nod when you don’t really know what people around you, are talking about. It comes quite naturally to me as I work as a content writer in a full-fledged tech company. So here we have people talking about coding and design and the only thing I can come up with, is a comeback soaked in pun which is usually treated with a room full of people giving me blank stares and the occasional nod in despair that says “we’re serious people, we actually work for a living”… all in good humour, of course (Saving Grace!)

So this is about my little tug-of-war with Facebook where I dealt with numbers (actual coding!) and managed to pull through in the end (Yes, pun, is my thing. I won’t let you forget!)

You know that column on Facebook that says “Work and Education?” Well, what if you work in a start-up company that has a Facebook page but for some mind-boggling reason, Facebook will just not let you list the company as your employer?

Not to worry. Main hoon na?

No really, stay. I can help. This is what you need to do:

You need to use Firefox or Chrome to be able to do this. No offence, but Internet Explorer? REALLY?
So there’s this thing called Web Developer that you need to download before you start. You can download it from the links below.
Firefox users

Chrome users

All done? Okay we’re good to go.
Open two browsers, log in to your Facebook Profile in one and your Facebook page on the other.
Hover around this option called “Edit page” on the top right corner of your page. Just hover around, DON’T MOVE THAT MOUSE AWAY FROM THERE.
Now you’ll see that there’s a tiny number on the bottom left corner of the page that appears when your cursor is on the edit page button.