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Original SPO Company

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What Is An SPO Company?

First off, we should admit that we came up with the term. India is the land of Business Process Outsourcing Companies, and so we thought, "Which particular business process do we think should be outsourced?"

Social Process Outsourcing

This is basically in us. No, literally, it's in our name - Sociall. We define social media as any platform that is

A) Real-time

B) Allows for two-way communication 

C) Allows for multimedia content.


Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Whatsapp, TikTok, Snapchat, Linkedin...all fit our definition of social media pretty well. We're expert at these platforms, we know how to define your brand position, identify your target audience, and then create the content that connects. We manage communities that are millions of members strong, and we're proud of each one of our members. We make social work for you.


We obviously need to have a process, if we're to manage clients at scale (and clients who are at scale, themselves). The process begins with a detailed understanding of the brand. Who is the founder? What's his/her story? What does the brand represent? Who is the target audience? What's the best way to reach them? These are the questions that we ask ourselves, each time we start working on a new project.

The answers aren't set in stone either, we constantly keep re-assessing them. Are we doing a good job of helping our clients serve their customers? Every item of content that we create is checked, and re-checked; every ad we deploy is optimized, and then re-optimized. We're detail-oriented about our processes.

Social Media Marketing Agency

We believe that it doesn't make sense for a brand to keep its Social Media and Digital Marketing in-house. An agency is in a far better place, not least because they have access to vast troves of cross-industry data.We know what works because chances are, we've seen it before.

We fully agree that a brand needs to have senior-level staff inside the organization who are involved in coordination and strategy oversight - but the nuts and bolts of the operation are best outsourced.

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