We're always hiring is a fast-paced social media and digital marketing company, brought to life by the VGP Family (of the well-known South Indian business house – VGP Group of Companies). We’re always looking for new people to work with – be it Employees, Partners or Investors.

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If you want to get a sense of as a company, we recommend you take a look at our Linkedin Page. We publish podcasts, videos, and general industry news there. While you’re at it, a “Linkedin Follow” would be nice 🙂


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Our Indeed Page usually has a list of jobs that we’re currently hiring for. Don’t worry if your profile doesn’t seem to be on there. If you think you can add value to us, we’d love to have you on – in some capacity or the other., to us, represents a brand that can unlock value for everyone who works with us.

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Hardwork never fails


We’re extremely conscious of every person’s value to the company. You, as an individual, should be able to contribute to the company; then we can focus on “you” as a member of the team. We want people who are capable of pulling their own weight. We’re not interested in managers who push paper.

Transparency is important to us

We understand that mistakes happen. If something does go wrong, we want people who can own up to the mistake, instead of blaming everyone in sight. We want you, if you can delve into what went wrong, and fix it – so that mistakes don’t happen in the future. While it is human to err, it’s rather ridiculous to keep repeating errors.

Transparency is important to us

The fine print

The fine print

We’re loooking for people with a keen eye for detail. If we give you a document and ask you to correct it, we want you to be able to correct it thoroughly. It would be a rather wasted activity if we ended up having to correct it, after you “corrected” it, don’t you think?

Long Term thinkers, please

Look at building a carrer with – don’t look at this as a short term gig. We bring a tremendous amount of learning to each and every one of our employees, and for that learning to be “worth” something – we want you to stick around.


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