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Client Relationship Executive Jobs In Chennai

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Client Relationship Executive

  1. Organizational Ability

  2. Communication Skills (English - Written and Oral, Tamil - Oral, Hindi - Oral, Optional).

  3. Technical Knowledge (Social Media Marketing, Digital Marketing and Content marketing). While we don’t expect the person to actually “execute” on the technical aspects of the services we provide; we would like them to be aware of the same in order to converse appropriately with the client. You must have a keen eye for detail, and be organized in every aspect of your job. This would include things like:

  4. Onboarding new clients to the agency. You may be involved at the pitching stage as well.

  5. Understanding client requirements and setting expectations.

  6. Recording minutes with clear action points and ETAs.

  7. Communicating the same with the team.

  8. Following up to execute on the deliverables.

  9. Assisting the client in additional service requirements.

  10. Conducting regular reviews with the client.

  1. Client Satisfaction Levels.

  2. Client Documentation Depth.

  3. Client Churn.

  4. Client Lifecycle and Upselling

  5. Client Referrals This is a full-time, on-site job in Triplicane, Chennai. You must be comfortable physically meeting clients in the city, visiting them for co-ordinating execution, and having virtual meetings with the clients that require it.

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