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Complete Digital Marketing and Branding Services for a New Clothing Brand in India


  1. The strategy for the new clothing brand (t-shirts for men and women) is divided into three phases - branding phase, sales channel phase, and marketing phase.

  2. When it comes to the branding phase - we will draw out the brand document - including elements like name, logo, colours, fonts, brand story and USPs (like sustainability, music, fit and quality). This document will serve as a brand over-arching document and will help bring together the sales channels and the marketing phase. This branding activation is a one-time activity lasting approximately three weeks.

  3. Once the brand document is properly setup - we move to the sales channels for the D2C brand. The first part of this is setting up the Shopify website - this involves selecting a domain and a theme (billed at actuals). Once the theme is selected, we would configure the same and upload the products (upto 150 SKUs). The white background shots for the products as well as the content for the descriptions will be created by us. We will also create banners and layout the menu and tagging structure for Shopify.


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  1. We will integrate the Payment Gateway and Shipping partner (who will bill at actuals on a transaction basis). Apart from the Shopify hosting charges (billed at actuals) which will take care of backups, security and performance; Shopify also levies a transaction charge. We will then integrate the Shopify website with various sales channels like Amazon, Myntra and Flipkart and manage our listings using software like Unicommerce.

  2. Once the Shopify website is set up - we wil begin the process of marketing. The primary channels of marketing would be Facebook, Instagram and Google My Business. We would create content as per a content calendar on our social channels. These would include posts, reels, GIFs and stories. We will also take care of response management on the page. We will take care of ideating on periodic sales strategies and discounts, contests to take advantage of the seasons.

  3. We will also be running ads on social media (paid to Facebook) and Amazon (paid to Amazon) against specific interest categories and keywords. This will help us increase our brand awareness and drive traffic towards our sales channels. Periodically we wil engage with influencers (in exchange for products and payments) in order to have them create content around our brand.

Professional Shopify website creation
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