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Complete Digital Marketing Services for a Premium Jewellery Retailer Brand


High quality content writing services for SEO
  1. The strategy for the SAAS Jewel Stack and Jewellery Retailer brand are divided as follows: For the SAAS brand the focus will be on timely execution of the onboarding process (one-time) and (potentially) online marketing support on an ongoing basis; for the retailer brand the focus will be on blog writing, social media ad management, influencer marketing and online PR activities. Additionally, there would be ongoing product management for both the brands.

  2. With regard to the SAAS brand - the first stage involves the onboarding of the retailer (with or without the support of an attached tech team) in order to set up the sub-domain for the SAAS to reside in.

  3. The next stage is to work with the SAAS platform and fill in the SEO metrics required for the retailer - in terms of logo, primary colour, location tags, Image ALT tags, Site Title and Tagline (if available).


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  1. The second step involves the creation and integration of the various digital marketing and analytics assets - these include Microsoft Clarity, Search Console, Analytics, Facebook, Instagram and Google My Business. Along with this, we will also make the changes required to the jeweller's main domain to promote the sub-domain. The process of getting the retailer set up would take 12 hours from the time of mapping the sub-domain.

  2. The third step would involve (potentially) being added in to the Facebook and Instagram page to run ads - based on the suggested advertising budget, and promote the subdomain set up during the SAAS stage, in exchange for an ad handling fee.

  3. When it comes to the marketing of the specific jewellery retailer - in the context of influencer marketing: we would draw out a story board that would be based on the desired collection that needs to be promoted, and the season. We would then select the required influencers 


and create the campaign consistently every month. We would manage the process till the collation of the influencer reports in exchange for an influencer handling fee. 


Engaging content on website blogs to boost SEO
  1. When it comes to the blogging process for the retailer, we would go through the search console to identify keywords that are currently generating traffic to the website/impressions on search results pages. We would then create long form blog articles and publish them on the Wordpress website every week. The articles will be SEO optimized, and also feature the required CTAs to facilitate conversion.

  2. When it comes to the PR section for the specific retailer - we would use a Press Release service like PR Newswire and would distribute one of the blog articles published on the Wordpress website (with a backlink) every month among industry websites. This will serve to increase the online PR and backlinks for the website.

  3. When it comes to the ad set up and handling for the specific retailer we would set up the ad targeting, geo-fence it, enable the retargeting buckets and monitor the performance of the ad; against the provided content in exchange for ad handling fee. 

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