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Digital Marketing Strategy for a Cloud Kitchen Brand


Creative YouTube content creation for maximum reach
  1. When it comes to the strategy for the Spices and Cloud Kitchen brand (to be launched) we will divide it into three parts: Youtube content creation and advertising, social media marketing, social media advertising.

  2. When it comes to social media advertising, we will devise a two-month-sprint calendar where in we select an artist who will serve as the chef for the channel, and have them create recipe and cooking videos exclusively with our products. These videos will be YouTube-optimized with the right hashtags, titles and descriptions; along with end-credits. While shooting for the channel, we will also curate content which can be used for our social media handles like reels and stories. This form of indirect, subtle marketing will help us build a brand and trust.

  3. We will also be running YouTube ads (paid to YouTube) in order to increase the visibility of our Channel and its videos to the right target audience. As we scale our operations across cities, we can target relevant customers in each city. The props, gear, artist and studio (if required) would be billed at actuals.

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  1. When it comes to social media marketing we will create content that will go out on Facebook, Instagram and Google My Business. The content will centre around the various aspects of our brand: such as safety, health and exploring the rich spice heritage of India. The content calendar will cover posts, stories, GIFS and reels.

  2. We will also be running ads (paid to Facebook) in order to increase the brand awareness of our content as well as direct users to platforms where they can order online. These ads will appear on the newsfeeds of Instagram and Facebook users, targeted based on their age, interests and other demographics. We will also be setting up a Data Studio report to track progress in real-time.

Unique social media advertising campaigns
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