Facebook Ads


Our typical client is rather confused when we tell them you need to advertise on Facebook. “Facebook is for young people”, they tell us. Why should we advertise on Facebook? Why indeed. The key to understanding why you need to advertise on Facebook is understanding how to advertise on Facebook. Facebook isn’t for young people, it’s for the young at heart. Your advertising on Facebook should not say things like –

INR 500psq.feet, Singaperumal Koil Street.

Really, they shouldn’t.

Facebook Ads turn up in people’s newsfeed (the area of their page dedicated to items from their Friends). Imagine if the ad above turned up in your Newsfeed.

Ads aksi turn up towards the side of the page on Facebook (a social network meant for connecting with Friends).

I think I’ve made my point. You need to advertise on Facebook to build your brand, and you need to do it through professionals, if you’re to make the most efficient use of your ad money.

Facebook Ads
Facebook Ads

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