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Facebook Merges Instagram Direct and Messenger || DigitalMarketing Weekly ||

FACEBOOK MERGES INSTAGRAM DIRECT AND MESSENGER Facebook has recently announced that they are merging the Instagram Direct messages and Messenger, messaging services from Facebook. Users are seeing a pop-up when they open Instagram, which says ‘There’s a new to message on Instagram’. This merge allows shared messaging on both the platforms, as well as video calls and a range of tools drawn from both the platforms. While this may seem harmless, it is likely that Facebook is actually attempting to make its apps inseparable, ahead of a potential anti-trust lawsuit in the US that may try to see the company sell Instagram and WhatsApp. This merge promises end-to-end encryption for it users which may sound good from the user protection perspective but this unables Facebook to “see” the messages, which would stop Facebook being held responsible for ‘hurtful’ or ‘illegal’ uses of its services.


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