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Going the Extra Mile at

Going the Extra Mile at

Uncover the story of a hero at - a talented Assistant Design Manager who crafted a spectacular last-minute creative for The Beach Terrace's live music event. Read about the impact of dedication and minimalistic design choices that resonated with audiences and witness how our team's commitment and creativity go beyond, ensuring client satisfaction and campaign success. Elevate your brand with's skilled graphic designers and redefine success together.

In the vast expanse of the digital marketing landscape, graphic design stands as the unsung hero, shaping narratives, evoking emotions, and breathing life into brands. As pixels dance on the screens of our ever-connected world, graphic designers are the modern-day storytellers. Their craft involves skillfully weaving narratives that not only engage and convey messages but also leave a lasting imprint on the hearts and minds of diverse audiences.

This blog is about one such unsung hero at A shy yet talented Assistant Design Manager saved the day last week. The week presented our team with a pressing task - a demand for a creative within a tightly spun time period of 15 minutes. The Beach Terrace, a client had a live music event at their resto-bar. They required it to be announced on their social media channels. The demand was entirely last minute and unexpected. With almost everyone gone, our ADM and SMM stayed back, brainstormed on what would be right for the creative and came up with something spectacular that gained good appreciation.

beach terrace

The willingness to work beyond work hours, putting the client’s needs in front of their own, actually paid off with a sense of accomplishment. Despite the tight deadline, the job was perfectly done, almost unrecognisably rushed. The Graphic Designer made the right choice of doing something big yet minimalistic for the creative. That way, the intentions of the creative were highlighted and nothing was lost in plain sight. At the end of the day, the client was happy with the result, the Graphic Designer and the Social Media Manager were satisfied with their work, and the post performed well. has employees who showcase an unwavering commitment to their work and often go above and beyond the call of duty. Their tenacity and willingness to invest additional time and effort are traits that contribute significantly to the overall success of the team and the organisation.

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