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Google Ads, Search Engine Optimisation, Video and Photography Services and Youtube Ads Strategies...

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Google Ads, Search Engine Optimization, Video And Photography Services And YouTube Ads Strategies For An Elevator Brand | Strategy

  1. It’ s important that we be mindful of what activities the competition is performing, but at the same stick to an overall theme for our activities in terms of budget division.

  2. We should also clearly state responsibilities and expectations in order to arrive at optimal results.

  3. The responsibilities of the marketing team would be to audit the website and periodically (every week) provide it with keywords, content, optimization suggestions, and tracking information. This is apart from running ads, producing content and influencer marketing.

  4. The responsibilities of the website team would be to maintain the website, ensure backups and security; and upgrade it with the features required to help in the marketing activities

  5. The strategy for the elevator brand is divided into three parts: Google Ads & SEO, YouTube Marketing (Video production and boosting, along with Photos) and Influencer marketing.

  6. When it comes to the Google ads, we would set up a Daily budget, keywords, ad copy/description, and the locations across which the same should run. We ’d set up weekly automated reports tracking the amount spent, the locations, the conversions, and the search terms. We ’d also set up weekly review meetings to plan out the activities on the same.

  7. In terms of SEO, we’d set up content updates (keyword related) on the website in consultation with the website team, and perform off-page optimization for the same (in terms of backlinks) to build up the organic ranking of the website for the selected keywords over time.

  8. In terms of Youtube - we ’d set up a monthly content production schedule with a mix of brand-centric (founder and core team-driven content) and testimonial-centric content. We ’d script, shoot and edit the videos - while uploading the same to the Channel.

  9. At the time of shooting the videos, we ’d also take pictures of the subject matter, and use the same on the website (in consultation with the website team)

  10. When it comes to influencer marketing, we ’d set up bi-monthly campaigns with select influencers in our desired locations where they do collab-videos highlighting the core points of our product. The influencers would be paid at actuals, with a handling fee to the agency for co-ordination and execution.

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