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Google Marketing Live And More

Google Marketing Live And More

Google marketing live 

Welcome back everyone! This week it’s all about Google Marketing Live, some new, new Facebook News Feed changes (again) and there’s some WordPress news thrown in there for good measure. Let’s get started. 

So, Google Marketing Live – their advertiser conference happened this week, and they had a ton of things to announce. Basically, the way Google goes about these things is that they look around at the things they own, and wonder why there aren’t ads on it – so they roll out a new ad product. This time, the focus was on “One Campaign to rule them all” a focus that Google first started with “Search with Display Select” type ads that they rolled out in 2013. The premise being that you can run one campaign, across multiple channels – like Search, Display, Video, Mobile, Discovery and track conversions; and optimize performance across everything.

New Campaign Called Discovery

Yes, I did mention Discovery. A new form of campaign called the Discovery campaign is coming to Google adwords. It will run across YouTube home Feed, Gmail, and for the first time – the Google Discover Feed on mobile (This is of course assuming you have the Google Feed on your phone. ) Because this is “Discover” – the ads are targeted based on audiences not keywords.

Giant By Google

I also mentioned Mobile…well Google is rolling out Giant, and I meant Giant Mobile gallery Type ads. For years now, ever since they started actually search ads would show you three lines of text when you entered a particular keyword into Google search. Starting later this year, they will now show a giant gallery ad on mobile. While It is good for advertisers because the click-through rates on these things is going to be easily above 10 percent, it’s not very good for a user because they are so large. Let’s hope Google figures this one out before they launch.

Performance Planning In Google AdWords

Final thing from GML, Google rolled out Performance Planning in Google Adwords  where, this is their version of a Crystal Ball – an advertiser can play around with various parameters and see what kind of an impact that would have on ads. You could for example, ask Google what would happen if a giant turkey walked across your users screens, and it should tell you.

A quick side note here before we move on to social media – Google has this way of launching a whole bunch of disparate products – which apparently have no real connection to each other, and then tying them together to take your breath, and your wallet away. Google Trips is one place where Google aggregates Google Maps for travel, Google Weather, Google Flights and Google Hotels, along with the data that the platform already has about you. Advertisers for flights, hotels, local businesses, OTA’s and travel agencies will be able to take advantage of this platform to reach customers at their moment of intent soon.

New Facebook Updates

Now, on to Facebook news. The social network has again rolled out an update to its news feed. The update prioritizes updates from your “close friends’ and links that Facebook considers “worthwhile”. What this means for Pages is that if you are sharing links on your page, and they aren’t click bait, then chances of the actually getting clicked, are more.

WordPress News

And finally, finally – in WordPress News – Yoast SEO, the plugin which basically everyone uses for Search Engine Optimization has rolled out a new feature in version 11.2 which allows for better implementation of Structured data and meta data on your website. One story we missed last week involved the Google rolling out support for FAQ and How-to structured data, so…implement structured data on your website.

That’s about it for this week’s episode. We hope you enjoyed reading this, and would love to know what you think of the whole Google Trips update. See you next time.

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