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How Navigated Through a Cyclone, Chennai Floods 2023, Michaung Cyclone

We’ve heard people say the force of nature is very strong and unpredictable. Recently, Chennai witnessed that force and it wasn’t something that people were prepared for. Cyclone Michaung arrived in Chennai with power to stir the sea, bringing in strong and harsh winds. Although the city geared up to face the cyclone head-on, it wasn’t prepared enough.

Michaung Mishaps There was a heavy downpour that filled the city with floods, having people locked up in their houses. The electricity supply was cut to avoid any mishaps. Trees fell and roads were cracked open in some places. A few other roads were flooded enough to qualify as a river on its own. And these problems went unresolved for over 2 days after the cyclone had passed.

Unwavering Commitment Amongst this chaos, some dedicated souls had their priorities sorted. was one among them. The team transformed their homes into makeshift offices, armed with laptops, generators, and an unwavering determination, striving to deliver what they had promised their clients. Each member of the team proved that adaptability and resilience weren’t just words on their resume.

Thriving Against the Odds In spite of the aftermath of the cyclone, which was a mostly damaged city,'s commitment to its clients shone through. The team, scattered across the city, united by a common purpose, ensured that the digital marketing strategies remained not just intact but thrived in the face of adversity. Clients were kept informed, and campaigns were adapted to suit the evolving circumstances. The team promptly did their best to make up for days of electrical outages and clear the backlogged work. was supportive the whole time and provided the team with everything necessary during their period of working from home. The journey with Cyclone Michaung was more than a narrative of survival; it was a transformative experience that shaped's story. As we look at from, we see a team that has not just adapted to change but also embraced it, finding strength in adversity and turning challenges into stepping stones towards greater heights.

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