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Influencer Marketing for a High-End Cinema Distribution Network in India


  1. We as an agency provide influencer marketing services to several large clients (including the likes of Audi, 7Up and KFC) in India.

  2. Influencer marketing campaigns can be for the launch of a new product or store, for a new discount, or for general brand awareness.

  3. We take care of selecting the influencers based on the number of followers and proposed deliverables.

  4. The brand would dictate the location of the influencers, their minimum following and engagement rate, and the derliverables that they must provide.


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  1. Deliverables can include things like a story, a post, a reel, an IGTV video, and so on. The duration that the deliverables being made available online, the hashtags and the Call to Action expected are also dictated by the brand.

  2. If the brand doesn't have these on hand, then we as an influencer marketing agency would suggest the type of influencers (in terms of lifestyle, food, auto or other sectors) and the derliverables for each influencer based on the brand's budget.

  3. We also have an in-house videography and photography team in case the brands want us to assist in the content creation and designing aspect.


  1. Once the campaign is executed, we take care of getting the screenshots and collating the reports for the brand. If a website link is provided, then we can collate these reports with the help of Google Analytics. A camapign to be effective is best done with a mixture of medium format influencers and micro format influencers.

  2. Once the campign is finalized (the brand may require us to provide the concept) we will select the influencers, and get the deliverables executed. the influencer share a draft of the deliverables before publishing. If an influencer needs to be physically present at a venue, or given a product for review, we will take care of the logistics for the same at actuals. We take responsibility for replacing influencers in case of last minute emergencies. We've also done influencer campaigns involving Amazon and Flipkart reviews (In these cases, a coupon code or reimbursement is provided by the brands). the e-commerce platforms do require disclosure of the paid nature of the partnership; and Amazon is preferred to Flipkart because the review process is more streamlined.

  3. In gerneal we find the a local influencer marketing agency like us, based in the south of India is better equipped to execute campaigns across Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh and Telengana. Our influencers range from those with less than 30,000 followers on Instagramm, all the way upto 2M followers and beyond. Our influencers are on YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook primarily.

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