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Influencer Marketing Services For An Online Thrift Store In India


Pan-India influencer marketing campaigns
  1. The strategy for the online thrift store brand based in Pune, involves a Pan-India Influencer marketing activity comprising a mix of fashion, lifestyle influencers posting stories, reels and posts.

  2. The process will begin by selecting the group of influencers from the major metro cities - Pune, Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata and so on. These influencers will be from the fashion and lifestyle category, having a follower count range of 15,000 - 1,00,000 on Instagram (Micro and Medium format influencers)

  3. We will organize the logistics of sending these influencers the products from the thrift store and create campaign ideas to organize their posts. We will divide up the influencer budget among the iinfluencers in order to ensure a mix of reels, posts and stories - for maximum distribution.


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  1. Hashtag ideas that we can leverage for the influencers include "Be Thrifty", "Save Space in your wallet" and "The Only Store that saves you money". Each influencer can also be given a unique coupon which they can share with their followers in order to get them a specific discount. This will also allow us to track the effectiveness of each influencer.

  2. The objective of the activity with the influencers will be to get 10 percent reach and engagement as against their follower counts. We will take care of identifying the infleuncers, making the payments, arranging the logistics of the products, executing the campign and collating the reports in exchange for an influencer handling fee.

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