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InMobi vs. AdMob


Getting into business with a mobile advertising network is an effective way for publishers and app developers to generate some active income from their respective websites, and benefit from monetizing their mobile applications by selling ad spaces to interested marketers. 

Mobile ad networks that support publishers are known as SSPs or supply-side platforms. With a mobile ad network, publishers and app developers are able to sell their ad space of their mobile application or website, if they are willing to, to the mobile ad network. The network then gets the total of the spaces provide by all the publishers on the system, aggregates them, and sells them to marketers who use it for their campaigning purposes.

The ads you come across during your experience with popular applications and video games, are different types of offerings from mobile ad platforms. 

The biggest names in the market are InMobi and AdMob, both of which have a rich history in the domain. Our infographic below should help you get an idea about the same.

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