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LinkedIn, Twitter, Google Ads And Blog Creation Strategies For An Insurance Software Provider | S...


  1. The strategy for the insurance software provider is divided into two phases, Social media Marketing and Social Media Advertising.

  2. The marketing phase is divided into three stages - planning, execution and reporting on content marketing.

  3. The idea behind the marketing is to impress the potential leads that come to us through word of mouth of the domain expertise of our company both in the insurance space as well as the technology space.

  4. In the planning stage, we will decide the various topics that we will be aggressively creating blogs, white papers and infographics for on our website and social media platforms.

  5. The sources for the content plan would include Search Console and Competitor research. We can also divide our content roadmap along with geography, niche and product features.

  6. For example, we can have case studies, feature explainers, walkthroughs and coverage of legalities.

  7. In the execution stage, we would further divide our activities into content creation and advertising (paid to Linkedin, Google and Twitter). Content could take the form of blogs, social media posts and infographics.

  8. These blogs would be updated on our website (keeping in mind good SEO practices) and teasers of the same would be shared on Linkedin and Twitter. As part of the content - we can also create explainer animated videos with voiceovers (at actuals) to further illustrate a case study

  9. When it comes to the advertising side of things on Linkedin and Twitter we ’d be running targeted ads primarily to increase brand awareness. We can target based on location, job function, designation, industry and so on. When it comes to ads on Google, we ’d be running against specific keywords in select areas.

  10. These ads would be on a PPC basis and would result in visits to landing pages - thereby enhancing the sales funnel.

  11. The advertising such as it is (while not the main emphasis) would be geared in such a way so as to reach both high profile users on Linkedin as well as users who may not be engaged on Linkedin, but who might search for us on Google.

  12. We would also be setting up a Data Studio report which would function as a real-time repository of all of the content, ads and analytics around the campaign.


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