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Moment Marketing and How We Employ This Strategy


A buzz is circulating in the marketing world about Elon Musk potentially owning Twitter. Although Elon Musk is in the spotlight everywhere, any wise brand would want to capitalise on this circumstance by creating something connected to this that would bring customers to your website or social media accounts. This is what we call ‘moment marketing.’ 

Let's look at an even simpler example. Assume you own a grocery store and people are looking for the "top atta brands in India." You might wish to capitalise on this circumstance by creating something that will instantly captivate your audience. What you can do is optimise your content to appear on Google's first page and make your page look appealing. 

Moment marketing is an excellent method for firms to target their niche. This not only demonstrates that the company encourages innovative advertising, but it also results in long-term profits for both customers and the business, making it a win-win situation. Capturing the moment and making it significant to customers is what moment marketing is all about. 

(An example of moment marketing)

Consider the following example from's page. The pandemic's aftermath left us all ill or asymptomatic, and the tablet, DOLO, arrived just in time! 

Moment Marketing and How We Employ This Strategy

So, while we're pondering digital marketing and DOLO, it occurred to us that could be the DOLO to your digital marketing concerns! That's exactly what one of our social media posts said. 

Check out our ‘moment marketing’ post here: 

Did you enjoy reading this blog? Learn more about moment marketing in our upcoming blog episode, and stay tuned for more such interesting and inspiring stories from every week!


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