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Our Process

Our Process

Let's start by understanding your requirement:

We find that most social media marketing companies are quick to sell you a whole host of services that you don't really need. At, we practice moderation - it's better to choose the right platforms, and the right amount to be invested on those platforms, than trying to be on every platform at once (and doing a bad job of it). You probably don't need a Pinterest Page for your brand (yet) - so don't let people con you into one.

We get to know your brand

We complete detailed documentation to understand your brand story and your target audience. Your brand story is important because unless we understand who you are - we will not be able to market you well on social media. We also need to understand your target audience because they will be the people that connect with you on social media - be it Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Linkedin or WhatsApp. It's not only important to understand your target audience, but also understand how they expect to be treated on each platform that they are on. The average social media user today is active on at least two platforms - and he or she doesn't want to be treated the same on both platforms.

We have a plan for that:

We've got plans, and our plans have plans for that (your social media marketing:)). It's important that you know what's going to happen with your social media marketing wel in advance. And it is important that expectations are set after a detailed social media strategy discussion (We call this part Brainstorming) so that you can be confident taht your brand will be among the top social media brands in its category.

Content marketing that works (for you)

While "content" is the single most important thing when it comes to the social media marketing process today - we make sure that our content marketing works for your brand. Like we always tell our digital marketing customers - let's not focus on going "viral" - let's focus on getting you return on investment.

Manage your community with Online Reputation Management:

Every customer interaction is important on social media. Your customers want to know that you're a brand that cares about their queires. With our systematic, and award-winning social media community management best practices - we ensure that a prompt response goes to your customer; and for any query that we're not able to answer - we make sure we follow through with the Point of Contact at your organization to get the customer's issue resolved.

Social Media Advertising done right

We once took over a client's social media accounts only to find taht his audience was made up of people from a country in which he had never operated in! The audience that you build for your social media profiles need to be relevant to your business. They should be built slowly, and with care. We never buy followers; and never recommend to clients that they do so either. The long term health of your social media accounts must never be compromised

Take the measure of things

When all's done and over with; we make sure we analyse every bit of online promotion so that we can arrive at actionable points that can move your social and digital marketing efforts to the next level.

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