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Product Photography Services Strategies For An Apparel Brand | Strategy

Product Photography Services Strategies For An Apparel Brand

Professional Product Photography Services
  1. The plan of action for the apparel brand is to create a white background and styled shots which can be used in e-commerce and social media marketing.

  2. We ’d have the products brought to the studio (rented, at actuals) and select from a list of models/influencers (charges for the person, on a daily basis, at actuals).

  3. We ’d arrange for props (at actuals) based on the mood board prepared; and have a make-up artist (at actuals, on a day basis) come for the styling.

  4. We’d shoot white background shots of the model wearing the products; and also styled shots of the model with products and accessories. If the styled shots require outside venues, those can be arranged as well (on a day-basis, at actuals).

  5. While shooting, we ’d take care of lighting, focus and styling; and while editing we ’d take care of sharpness, separation and colour. On a timeline basis, shooting 15 white background shots and 20 styled shots would take approximately 2 days to shoot and 7 days to edit.

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