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Safety Videos

Safety Measures At VGP Golden Beach Resort

VGP Golden Beach is on a mission to keep safety above everything else. Comprehensive safety measures have been implemented across VGP Golden Beach to ensure the safety of the guests and patrons, as well as the staff, who have been working round the clock to fuel this safety mission.

General Safety Measures

VGP Golden Beach has taken priority to put safety first, starting with the staff at the hotel, stringent cleaning and disinfecting procedures, as well as briefing the guests on what has to be done in terms of the safety protocols.

Temperature Checks For Guests

The staff at VGP Golden Beach resort practice social distancing at all times, and the guests are briefed to do the same, for their own safety and everyone else's. Wearing masks are also mandatory, especially during outdoor events such as weddings, which frequently take place at the resort.

Strict Social Distancing Rules

During these events, strict social distancing rules are followed and even implemented within the set up such as an arrangement of seating, stage, podiums, etc. The staff is extremely welcoming and ready to take care of every guest's needs as and when necessary.

Prioritizing Safety And Health

The management at VGP Golden Beach has implemented strict disinfecting and sanitisation routines in addition to the cleaning schedule, keeping the beautiful resort a safe place for people to dwell in.

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