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Setting Up An E-commerce Site, Social Media Marketing, Advertising, Google And Youtube Ads For A ...


Setting Up An E-commerce Site, Social Media Marketing, Advertising, Google And Youtube Ads For A Jewellery Brand | Strategy

  1. The strategy for the silver jewellery brand is divided into two distinct phases/packages - a one-time phase involving the set up of the E-commerce website on Shopify along with the associated content production; and the second phase (recurring) wherein we market the website on social media in order to maximize sakes/brand.

  2. When it comes to the e<1>commerce package, we ’d initiate two phases at the same time viz. website work and content development work. We ’d go with Shopify on the platform because of the security, ease of use/maintenance and integration aspects.

  3. We ’d select a theme and domain (Shopify hosting, theme and domain at actuals) based on the references given; and customize the same to our requirements in terms of menu, structure and general content

  4. We ’d also have the initial batch of SKUs brought to the studio wherein we ’d shoot three white background shots of each product, and write the corresponding content on the same (based on inputs). We ’d also take styled shots for the purpose of the banners

  5. We ’d then put together the website in terms of products, integrating Shipping, Delivery and Social Media, including Google Merchant Centre, Analytics and Search Console

  6. We ’d then begin the marketing phase wherein we ’d set up a content calendar to create content for Instagram and Facebook, along with Pinterest and Youtube.

  7. We ’d have the products brought to the studio monthly (if required we can have an external studio, props and models/influencers at actuals) and shoot content for social media. Ideas for content would include customer buying guides, collection overview videos and pairing ideas

  8. We ’d also be running ads against the brand keyword on Google (paid to Google) and targeting relevant audiences on Youtube (paid to Google) and Instagram (paid to Facebook) to boost engagement and drive visits to the website for sales

  9. Additionally, we can have a tiered website and sales maintenance (along with the option to integrate with Marketplaces, at actuals) wherein we ’d handle the products on an on-going basis, co-ordinate with devs for issues and perform activities to drive sales

  10. We’d set up a Data Studio Report in order to track the performance of all of this in real-time.

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