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Shopify Set Up and Digital Media Marketing for an Upcoming E-Commerce Brand


We will handle the content and photos required to set up the website based on the inputs provided. When setting up the e-commerce listings - we will ensure optimal content and pictures for the listing.

  1. Our strategy for the brand will involve two phases - the first phase involves a one-time activity of setting up Shopping Software on the website (including Payment Gateway, Delivery partner, and CRM, linkages with e-commerce platforms like Amazon); and the second phase involves marketing the properties on Facebook and Instagram (because the products will be sold through E-commerce p[latforms as well, SEO and SEM would not be required)

  2. During the first phase, we will select theme options and set up the Shopify website - including integration of RazorPay (who will charge transaction charges at actuals) and ShipRocket (or a similar Delivery partner who will charge based on the weight of each shipment). The payment gateway will interface with any of our underlying bank accounts and collect the payment from the customer using the most widely supported payment options - like Bank, Wallets, and UPI. Once the delivery partner is integrated, notifications to customers including tracking information can be automated. If required, we can purchase a premium theme at actuals. 


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VGP Victory House, அண்ணா சாலை, Mount Road, Anna Salai, Triplicane, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600002.

Phone: 78248 68277

  1. Once the Shopify website is set up (process will take approx 10 days) we will begin integration with Amazon and other selected e-commerce portals.

  2. Once this is done, we will move into the second phase of Digital Marketing - using social media marketing and social media advertising.

  3. Shopify will charge a monthly hosting charge (at actuals) which will take care of the speed, security, and data of the website. Shopify will also provide an app that will allow us to update pricing, products and offers on the fly. The shopping software will support the upload of unlimited products and future product categories based on demand for goods from China, apart from Photo frames.

  1. Under social media marketing - we will be setting up a Content calendar that will determine the kinds of content that will be posted on Facebook and Instagram. This includes Photo posts, GIFS, stories, reels, and creatives. We will focus our content on the affordability, quality, and features of the products. We will also set up a monthly newsletter to update customers using our CRM of new product launches.

  2. We will also be handling reputation and running social media ads (paid to Facebook) which will target customer news feeds and increase brand awareness and sales. We will be setting up a Data Studio report to track this in realtime

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