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Social Media Advertising Advertising for a Fitness Brand


Social Media Advertising For A Fitness Brand | Strategy

  1. The plan of action for the fitness brand is to handle the ads in such a manner so as to increase Sales, get ROI, and abide by Facebook’ s advertising policies.

  2. We ’d be given access to the Facebook ads account, with a funding source already added by the brand. Once the initial deposit of handling charges paid by the brand is exhausted, the billing would revert to a percentage-wise model.

  3. We’d use the ad account to promote the collaterals provided by the brand to the target audience (arrived at by refining an initial target set of people interested in fitness)

  4. We ’d set up a moderated ad, to begin with, and if the same gets restricted by Facebook due to the sensitive nature of the campaign, we ’d coordinate with the Facebook support team to get it resolved. This will also help us arrive at the conversion percentage and ROI.

  5. We ’d also set up a Data Studio Report in order to track the performance of the ads in real-time.

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