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Social Media Advertising Services for an Upcoming App


  1. The strategy for the promotion of the game will be divided into organic marketing (cointent creation) and inorganic marketing (paid ads)

  2. Under the organic side of things, we will create content on Facebook, Instagram, YTwitter and YouTube. The content will be as per a content calendar and designed to appeal to an audience in South India. It will feature themes like the "ease of earning money" and the "no investment required" mantra of the app. We will be creating posters, GIFS, reels and stories on the various platforms. On Twitter and Instagram we will connect with prominent players in the market through means of @mentions.

  3. We will also take care of response management on the socila media pages.


Reach Us

VGP Victory House, அண்ணா சாலை, Mount Road, Anna Salai, Triplicane, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600002.

Phone: 6385084122

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  1. Our inorganic marketing (paid to Facebook and Youtube) will be divided into two. On the one hand, we will increase the brand awareness of the app among the audience of South India. We will target the ads to appear on their newsfeeds and incentivize them to follow our social media handles. On the other hand, we will be running Bumper ads on Youtube and App Install ads on Facebook and Instagram (after integration of the relevant SDK) to increase the number of downloads of the app amongst the target audience. We will also set up Notification Drips to convert downloads into active players.

  2. We will be setting up Data Studio reports which will aggregate all of our marketing efforts into one realtime dashboard.

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