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Social Media Marketing And Advertising For A Jewellery Brand | Strategy


Social Media Marketing And Advertising For A Jewellery Brand

  1. The strategy for the jewellery brand would include content creation (Social media marketing) social media advertising (general and campaign-based) and influencer marketing.

  2. When it comes to social media marketing, we’d make 2 visits to the location (travel and board at actuals) every month and produce pre<1>planned content (per a content strategy) in terms of white background shots, styled shots and reels. We’d also set up a Catalog on Pinterest which can serve as a basis of further marketing on that platform.

  3. Ideas for content would include things like jewellery care, customized product offerings by the brand, collection showcases and testimonials. We can co<1>create some of this content using influencers (at actuals, with handling).

  4. We’d also manage a moderated paid advertising budget on a monthly basis (paid to Facebook) wherein we’d get engagement for the content from our target audiences. This would be apart from the campaign specific large format ads that we’d be running on a need-basis.

  5. We ’d track performance using Google Data Studio Reports

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