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Social Media Marketing and Advertising Services for a Premium Healthcare Brand


  1.  Based on our analysis of the current social media it appears that the page has an "isolation" issue wherein the content doesn't seem to feature collaborations and an idea of the physical space of the clinic.

  2. The strategy for the healthcare brand is divided into three phases - the first phase involves the cleanup of the digital presence (especially the website) and ongoing management of the same; the second phase involves influencer marketing and the third phase involves social media marketing.

  3. In the first part of the strategy we will begin by optimizing the website in terms of performance, security and content. The meta descriptions of the site, and the blog content need to be broughyt in line to convey the impression that the clinic is actually operational. Tie-ins to the parent company can also be mentioned across the website in a subtle manner. The hosting of the website will be at actuals, and Cloudflare integration can be setup to optimize performance and improve security. On an ongoing basis we will be creating updated blog content to be published in an SEO optimized manner on the website and cross-shared into social media to ensure maximum distribution among the target audience.

  4. On the social media side of things we will set up a content calendar and organize the posts around the same.


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VGP Victory House, அண்ணா சாலை, Mount Road, Anna Salai, Triplicane, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600002.

Phone: 6385084122

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  1. We will be visiting the clinic to ensure regular photos, video clips, GIFS, stories and reels. These will facilitate a grid layout on Instagram and will serve as the basis for our influencer marketing activity. Our content will be centred around the need to look good, feel good for video-conferencing, and as the economy opens up to have people physically meeting each other; we will also highlight the affordability of the services, and the high-quality pedigree of the brand.

  2. We will also be running ads to increase the number of followers and generate leads trhough socila media. We will ensure that the ads are targeted (and will auto-populate leads in a Google sheet) to people surrounding the physical clinic interested in mass-market aesthetics healthcare services. We will achieve a 5 percent conversion rate on our socila media ads.

  3. We will also set up monthly, staggered influencer marketing campaigns wherein we will select beauty, fashion and lifestyle influencers every month who will visit the clinic and attest to the services provided. 


We will arrange for coverage of the influencers at the clinic to get extra mileage of the same. We will collate the analytics from all of our activities into a Data Studio report for realtime tracking.

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