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Social Media Marketing And Advertising Strategies For A Boutique | Strategy


Expert social media marketing strategies
  1. The strategy for the boutique brand is four-pronged with the objective of increasing demand for the tailoring service, customized diamond solution, online store (proxied through Instamojo) and offline walk-ins.

  2. In order to achieve the objective, we ’d employ a mix of Content Production (social media marketing) Social Media Advertising (Paid to Facebook) and Google Ads.

  3. When it comes to the social media marketing side of things, we ’d draw up a content plan and involve ourselves in moderated content production (with monthly shoots) to promote the four objectives.

  4. We can create content about testimonials for the tailoring service, the price advantage of the diamond service, and the social angle of the weavers. Involved in the online and offline stores.

  5. We ’d also run ads (paid to Facebook) to promote each aspect of the objectives in a separate ad creative to the target audience. We can assign budgets based on the revenue importance of the objective and set separate CTAs for the same. We can use ads to boost engagement on social media as well.

  6. We can also run ads (paid to Google) on a search where we look at specific terms like “tailoring services in Chennai” and “Customized Diamond Jewellery at Wholesale prices”; these ads would take users to a landing page that we can set up on Google Business Sites.

  7. We can also set up a Data Studio Report which would track the performance of the ads in real-time.


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