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Social Media Marketing and Advertising strategies for an Art House

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Social Media Marketing And Advertising strategies For An Art House | Strategy

  1. The strategy for the art house would be a mix of content creation on social media and paid advertising directed towards a UK art audience.

  2. We'd set up a content calendar which would guide the kinds of posts that could go out on Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook. These would be photos, videos, GIFs and stories.

  3. Ideas for content would include explainers of the stories behind the pieces, interviews with the artists, and an art watch of the industry as a whole. We’d shoot the videos and pictures of the products (with props, models/influencers/Voiceovers if required, at actuals)

  4. We ’d also couple the content with paid ads (Paid to Facebook) that would run across Instagram directed at an art-centric audience in pockets across the UK. These ads would have the CTA of Buy Now on the website as well as serve as engagement boosters for our content.

  5. We ’d also set up a Data Studio report which would track the performance of the ads, and the content in real-time

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