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Social Media Marketing and Advertising Strategy for a High-End Vacuum Elevator Company


Social Media Marketing And Advertising Strategy For A High-End Vacuum Elevator Company

  1. Based on our benchmarking of competitors and the digital marketing industry we've come up with three strategies to improve the brand awareness (and increase sales) online.

  2. The rationale for the preparation of these activities is to A) spread the word about our new features - including voice based elevators B) put a halt to our increasing CPC and C) come up with a holistic digital marketing plan that can outflank the competition.

  3. Before we begin the active marketing of the website, we must be cognizant of the fact that the traffic of the website is limited in its scope, and the activities we must carry out online are to promote the content that we have on the website. Towards this end - we need to optimize the website (one time activity, would take 3 weeks) in order to increase the Pagespeed score to 80+ on desktop and mobile. We also need to have dedicated landing pages to market the new features on offer - including the voice activated vacuum elevators.

  4. The first part involves social media marketing wherein we consistently create high quality photo and video content on Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and Youtube every month.

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  1. We will develop a content calendar which will dictate the kind of content that will go up. Ideas for content can include an emphasis on the fact that we are the roiginal players (with specific lean-ins to the areas in which our competition may claim superiority) in the space, the benfits of our technology, our happy customers and a focus on the fact that more and more customers are investing in the betterment of their homes (which have also become places of work).

  2. We will create posters, photos, GIFS, reels, stories and videos on a regular basis to be deployed across social media. We can also cross post the same content to Twitter for the sake of completeness. This regular content posting will enhance our brand awareness online; which will in turn factor into the reduction of CPC for our Google adwords. We will also take care of response management online.

  3. The second part of the strategy involves running of ads (paid to Facebook and Google) to promote the content online. The purpose of the ads is two-fold; on the one hand we will be enhancing the reach of the content, driving brand reach among our target audience. We can 

target users based on their age, income levels (based on the smartphone usage) and location (for example, we can start with Chennai). Likewise we can also run lead generation ads on Facebook which will result in phone numbers being populated in a linked Google Sheet.

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