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Social Media Marketing For A Premium Handmade Fabrics Brand In India


Social Media Marketing For A Premium Handmade Fabrics Brand

  1. Our strategy for the handmade fabrics brand involves three sections - the first is social media marketing, the second is social media advertising, and the third is blogging/newsletters.

  2. It is our contention that for brands which are not really competing on price, and that are more "story based" reliant on phrases like "Handmade, handcrafted, unique, quirky" we would be better off in investing in social media content creation and advertising while using Blogs to boost our SEO strategy rather than Google Adwords.

  3. Under scoial media marketing, we will create a content calendar that will dictate the kinds posts that will go out on Facebook and Instagram. Content ideas could include the story of the brand, the people making it, the mission with which we work and the testimonials of early adopters.We will work out the logistics of shooting photos, GIFS, reels, and stories of the products every month to form part of our content calendar. We will take care of response management on social media.

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  1. Our content calendar narrative will extend across our blog content as well as our monthly newsletter. We can tie this content into an SEO strategy by using relevant keywords and meta descriptions to boost conversion.

  2. We will also be running ads (paid to Facebook) across Facebook and Instagram. These will be an extension of our Facebook store and products (shoppable videos and posts) on Instagram. These ads will have the two fold objective of generating traffic to the website and increasing the number of followers we have on our social media accounts. We will also set up Data Studio reports which will have all of our progress tracked in realtime.

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