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Social Media Marketing Services for a Popular Electronics Retail Brand in India


Social media advertising across top social media platforms

and aiding in customer service) YouTube and influencer marketing. We will also be in a position to plug the created content into media associations and upcoming short video platforms based on engagement levels.

  1. We're proposing a single, integrated strategy for the consumer electronics retail brand that spans - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and influencer marketing. Through this commercial plan we're striving towards a comprehensive strategy with certain fixed elements (diversified content creation) and variable elements (advertisements paid to social media channels) with no hidden costs; for better budgeting.

  2. As for the social media section, we will be setting up a content calendar. The content calendar will factor into the various aspects of the season (Summer sales, festival sales) and current aspects of the competition (ASMR Videos, unboxings, lending personality to appliances). It will dictate the posts, GIFS, reels, photos, videos and other content (for example live streams) that will go out on social media as well as be seeded to influencers. Our content calendar will encompass Facebook, Instagram (with modifications for grid layouts) Twitter (with @mentions and #hashtags connected to the community 


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VGP Victory House, அண்ணா சாலை, Mount Road, Anna Salai, Triplicane, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600002.

Phone: 6385084122

  1. Based on our understanding of the current marketing and the benchmark brands in the South Indian Appliance and Electronics retail space, we can infer that: A) The marketing needs to be comprehensive - with a deep emphasis on video (we will be visiting the stores regularly for content; as well as bringing some of the smaller products into the studio for shooting) content and influencer marketing. B) The content needs to be in keeping with current happenings in the world (World Environment Day, Summer Bonanza) and C) The content needs to be engagement centric - we'd recommend a minimum of two interactive posts a week, and one contest/campaign a month.

  2. We will also take care of first-level response management; and interacting with the website team to make the necessary optimizations to the Shopify website.

  3. When it comes to iinfluencer marketing - we will select influencers every month and drive story-based engagement camapigns with them. These can be contests, 

Creative content plan to attract customers and boost sales

new store openings, product launches, seasons discounts and so on. We will interface with the influencers, monitor the quality of content being produced and collate the insights.

Result-driven influencer marketing campaigns
  1. We will also set up a Data Stuido report which will provide management with a unified dashboard to monitor insights and track progress in realtime.

  2. When it comes to advertising - we will divide our ads into two: one aspect will focus on growing targeted followers, brand awareness and reach - with a focus on the surrounding areas to our stores. The idea here is through these ads (paid to Facebook and Youtube) to drive visibility of our content and increase walkins to the stores; the other aspect of the ads will integrate with the website to drive visitors and conversions in the small appliances category (post integration with Google Merchant Centre and Facebook Shop).

  3. We will set up a POC system where in each aspect of the delivery - influencer marketing, video, content creation and advertising will have a respective person to interact with - who will in turn report to the POC who will be in charge of conducting regular review meetings.

  4. When it comes to the number of posts, we will be supportive in terms of the numbers - and increase the number of posts to execute campaigns and offers required.

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