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Social Media Marketing Services for a Smart Electronics Brand


The website will be an FYI type website with dedicated sections for Comsumers and Businesses.

  1. The strategy for the voice activated smart lighting and controller ODM brand is divided into three phases. The first and second phase of website re-design and digital marketing can be embarked upon in parallel while the third phase of B2B marketing can be reserved for a period of three months into the strategy.

  2.  While the .co domain on the current website does indicate a certain level of "technologically whimsical" thinking, there are changes with regard to the meta information, content, speed and mobile usability that need to be improved.

  3. We'd use software like SquareSpace to redesign the website and ensure it is fast, mobile optimized and secure. Such software would also ensure that the website is easily updatable. The cost of monthly hosting and premium template (if needed) will be billed at actuals.


Reach Us

VGP Victory House, அண்ணா சாலை, Mount Road, Anna Salai, Triplicane, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600002.

Phone: 78248 68277

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  1. Under the social media marketing, we will be setting up a company page (with the "Powered by" moniker) across Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin. Initially, the Linkedin page will be used for "automation solutions at work" and thereon can be leveraged in the third phase of B2B.

  2. We will be setting up a content calendar which will divide equally among our OEMs. the key content themes include talking about being a local solutions provider, the need for making "your work from home more efficient", and also expand upon how our solutions are built for Indian conditions of "Connected, but no internet". We'd create photos, GIFs, Videos, Stories and Reels divided across our 3 current OEMS and geo targeted to the relevant market.

  3. We will also be running ads (paid to Facebook) to promote the company page and its content to our target audience - early adopters, smart home enthusiasts (we can target by age, and by people interested in Alexa and Google Home devices) and building managers (interested in making offices more efficient). 

The purpose of these ads will be two-fold; one would be to create the market for the OEMs and the other would be to indirectly flex for future, potential OEMs.We'd also set up Google Data Studio reports to bring together insights across web, social and mobile.

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