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Taxi Aggregators on Social Media


The app-driven taxi service has seen a surge in usage since they were introduced to the market. Over INR 700 crores are brought in by the market leaders in this extremely competitive market, which is a subset of the already gigantic market of radio-taxis in India. Among the thousands of small and large market players, four of them have stood out, owing to their movement in the market, along with their service offerings, customer service, and regional availability. The market has slowly evolved from one that required you to own a fleet of vehicles, to an aggregator model that allows anyone to own a car and pave their own pathThis trend doesn’t show signs of slowing down, with people being more aware of factors like air and noise pollution, they seem to be leaning more towards services like carpooling. Interested in learning more about the biggest cab aggregators in India? Take a look at our infographic below!


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