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The Top Influencer Marketing Agency is a leading digital marketing company which provides the best influencer marketing platform in the city and connects brands with influencers to create great stories. It is a data driven fact that about 71 million Indians are active users of Instagram every day and 60% of the online consumers do purchases influenced by social media influencers or after blog reviews. With influencer marketing gaining a tremendous trend, we, at, the best influencer marketing agency in the city, strive to bring your brand story to life by harnessing the power of authentic connections through trusted public figures.

Samples Of Influencer Marketing

Kenny Tang, Digital Creator, Singapore Lifestyle • Food • Wellness Click here for Kenny Tang

Kalyani Priyadarshan, Actor Click here for Kalyani Priyadarshan

Kalidas Jayaram, Artist Click here for Kalidas Jayram

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Influencer Marketing

To grow any business, it is very essential to establish consistent and relatable brand engagement with the customers. Influencer marketing is capable of achieving that and yields more leads in a short period of time. Influencer marketing is a type of social media marketing that uses endorsements and product mentions from influencers to increase their brand awareness and  their product’s reach.The high amount of trust that social media influencers have built up with their  following, serves as a driving force for their followers to check out or purchase the endorsed products by them. While this is the exact same technique used by TV advertisers to promote their products by featuring celebrities in their ad, social media influencers are not limited to only celebrities on theatre screens. Social media influencers are individuals who have a dedicated social media following and are considered as experts within their niche of different fields. 90% of the brand curators feel that influencer marketing is highly engaging and obtains a massive reach out. With that great potential hidden in influencer marketing which costs fairly less than the other strategies, you don’t want to miss out on hiring an influencer marketing agency for your business.

Why The Craze?

Almost 23% of the marketers have recognized influencer marketing as a better alternative to traditional media and a recent research states that about 86% of the women consider purchasing new products when advertised through influencer marketing. The internet users are increasing every night and the internet has become a competitive play field for businesses to attract their targeted population in the best way possible. With a lot of invented marketing strategies on the Internet, influencer marketing is gaining affiliation because of its ability to increase brand awareness and brand authority along with creative storytelling. The influencer marketing agency separates influencers into two types- micro and macro influencers. As the name suggests micro-influencers are renowned among people living in a certain region and macro-influencers have a huge following irrespective of their geographical location or niche. When a product is advertised by people who have a huge following on the internet, it means that it is definitely viewed by a lot of people and increases the curiosity towards the product. This hugely accelerates better ROI because of targeting a larger audience at the right time.

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Since our beginning in 2012, we, at, have managed to take our digital marketing services globally, managing clients involved in every field of work. We move forward with the amount of experience that we have gained throughout our years of service and find ourselves juggling with the advanced tools and trends in digital marketing to stay ahead of the game. We have learnt through the years that the main requirement of any client for a digital marketing agency is skill and honesty. Our professional outlook to the work we do speaks only to that. We are becoming the city’s sought after influencer marketing agency because of the skill and work ethic we possess. We work on a retainer model by which the clients can renew their contracts monthly. So there is no added pressure or contracts that you have to stay with us for a long time but still we manage 100 plus clients in which some of them are longtime customers. This should speak to our disciplined work ethic. We are a dedicated digital marketing agency and customer satisfaction is our aim in every project.

Influencer Marketing Expert is gaining popularity among influencer marketing agencies in the city because we develop effectual influencer marketing strategies. Our young team develops the unique content strategy for an influencer campaign, perform analysis after the launch of a campaign and measure statistics and and generate reports on the same to help our clients in having a better understanding of the marketing campaign and its impact on the targeted audience. Our influencer marketing strategy includes connecting brands with bloggers, vloggers, social media influencers, some of who are featured in our blogs, to target the larger audience for brand engagement and awareness. At, we consider storytelling to be an undeniable force developing customer engagement. So we tell stories of your brand with the help of influencers on platforms where your target audience gather most of the time. We develop and execute these strategies taking all analysis into account and amplify your brand story at scale to reach millions of people.

How We Work

Campaign design

Firstly, there is a conversation with the client on their business goals, brand objectives and expected results and then if it suits for an influencer marketing campaign, then our Influencer marketing experts work to develop the content and do social media shout outs, launch events and so on. 

Search Influencer

Finding the right influencer for the campaign is very important. We decide if we should go for micro or macro influencers based on the requirements and budget limitations. We already house some of the most influencing micro influencers residing in the city. The matchmaking is done based on the influencer’s network potential to deliver the best ROI to our clients.

Influence analytics

Our content creators then develop the brand story and we share it with the right audience using our influencers to gain good traffic, brand engagement, and an increased ROI. We then share the campaign analytics and metrics with our clients to keep them on the loop about the results and reach.

Join in the craze of influencer marketing and raise your reach!

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