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Understanding Responsive Web Design

UNDERSTANDING RESPONSIVE WEB DESIGN When you design a website for your business, there are numerous factors you take into account like the design, content, navigability, and the speed of the website to name a few. But, one of the most important factors that people decide to ignore commonly is the website's response on mobile devices. Businesses usually design a website keeping only the website version in mind. So, when such URLs are opened on a mobile phone, it becomes hard to navigate, and some pages don’t even show up properly. If you make your web design responsive, your website will be able to adapt to any device easily, changing its appearance and format to suit the requirements of the device. Given the increase in mobile phone users in the world, responsive web design has become absolutely essential. Not focusing much on this can result in your website losing out on a huge amount of clients. Here is an infographic that helps you understand why you need to come up with a responsive web design and key components to building a responsive website that is supported properly on every device.

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