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Engaging content on website blogs to boost SEO
  1. The strategy for the engineering supply/servicing brand involves the one-time activity of redesigning and restructuring the websites to reflect a more modern and digitally friendly brand image; and the recurring activity of marketing the same across digital media.

  2. When it comes to the one-time activity, the first set of tasks involves the migration of two websites (the sub-brand and the master) to a more secure, maintainable and performant platform in Wix.

  3. We’d select from templates available, based on references, create the wireframes and re-build the websites while adding in fresh content to the same.

  4. We ’d set up the menu structure, the banners, the content (based on the inputs provided), and the aesthetic factors (colors, fonts, layouts, pages) for both sites; and architect the interlinking between the two. We ’d also have a landing page set out for our third site - the e-commerce platform.

  5. We ’d create an audit report for the e-commerce website including structure suggestions and On-Page implementation guidelines, along with the relevant meta content. We ’d work with the internal IT team to formulate and manage the execution of the same.

  6. We’d then integrate the master site with social media, Google analytics, Search Console, and Clarity; and ensure the smooth migration from the earlier URLs to the current URL.

  7. We ’d then begin the recurring aspect of digital marketing, which we can further divide into social media marketing, content marketing, and advertising.

  8. When it comes to social media marketing, we ’d set up a content calendar with a focus on more professional, business content on LinkedIn and Twitter; and more employee/brand-centric content on Facebook and Instagram.

  9. Ideas for content would include the brands that we’ve partnered with, the projects that we’ve completed, and a deep dive into the state of the industry. For employee related content, we can focus on reels of celebrations, training, and new-joinees.

  10. When it comes to the content marketing side of things, it would be coupled with the SEO to create long-format blog content on the website as well as short, animated product videos (VO at actuals). We ’d also perform off-page optimization for the keywords so that over a period of 8 months the website ranks on the first page of Google search.

  11. We ’d couple our organic strategy with a paid marketing strategy across LinkedIn, Facebook + Instagram (moderated) and Google. For LinkedIn, we ’d look at building traffic and engagement among procurement officers, and for Facebook + Instagram we ’d look at building engagement among future/current employees.

  12. For Google Ads (paid to Google) We ’d look at running ads against specific keywords (related to our products, brand, and service) in order to generate traffic to the relevant landing page on the website.

  13. We ’d track performance across our organic and paid marketing activities and scale based on a live Google Data Studio Report. The Wix hosting charges for the site would be at actuals.


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