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Website Pre-Launch Checklist | 10 Essential Things To Do Before Launching Your Website


It’s no secret that building and designing a professional website can be both an exciting and stressful endeavor. But at the end of the day, it can be rewarding to see your hard work pay off, especially when you do it right!  

While there are so many free tools available online, building a website can still be stressful. This is because they are so complex and they require planning before they can be launched. 

Whether you’re revamping your existing website or creating one from scratch, there are so many factors you need to take into consideration. It’s best to have a professional digital marketer build your website. 


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There are several essentials you must keep in mind before going live with your site. We’ve made a website pre-launch checklist to help you build a high-performing website for your business. 

1. Identify your goals: If you’re planning to redesign your website, the first thing you need to do is analyse your existing website. Ask yourself what the purpose is behind this decision. Why do you need a new design? What do you want to accomplish with your redesigned website? 

These questions will help you understand the gaps that you need to fill between your existing website and the goals it couldn’t meet previously. This will help your new website accomplish your business goals more efficiently. 

2. Check for optimization: Your existing website will give you a chance to understand what worked best for you in the past and what needs to be updated for better speed and performance. You can create your website development plan by first crawling your old site to get an idea of the existing structure. This will help you understand what your landing pages and metadata look like, what pages existed before, and what redirects are in place so you can develop a concrete strategy.

Using a crawling tool, it is essential to crawl for errors and bugs to ensure a successful website launch. You can compare your previous crawl to ensure there are no inconsistencies or formatting errors found in your copy. 

Get complete website development and maintenance

3. Make a checklist: Before designing your website you need to make a list of essential things you need for your website. These include the content you need, calls-to-action required, the overall theme, colors, and images you’d like to layout on your pages, and backend developments required to rank high on the search engine. 

4. Do market research: It’s important to know what your competition is doing and what industry trends can help you stay relevant. Analysing your competition can also help you design and incorporate unique elements and the latest trends into your website, enabling it to reach your target audience. 


5. Choose a solid website builder: Some website building tools come with pre-built templates allowing you to incorporate the latest industry trends and optimize your website for a great user experience. By using these tools you can easily edit your content and build pages in a shorter time frame. You can organise, schedule, and track its performance with a solid content management system (CMS) platform.  

6. Create a solid technical SEO strategy: Your website needs a solid SEO strategy to rank on top of the search engine. This will ensure you meet all your sales and business goals. Your website will be your digital doorstep for your customers and subscribers where you can get them to act on a call-to-action. 

From increasing leads to converting viewers into clients or customers and boosting sales, your website heavily relies on a solid foundation for digital success. This includes performing keyword research, content strategy, page adjustments, and more. An SEO manager has to ensure every technical aspect such as site architecture and metadata is covered in their strategy. 

7. Check the little details: Once you’ve built your website, you need to ensure every element you’ve chosen to place in the layout has been correctly incorporated into the design. This includes error-free content, finalized images and designs placed in the right placeholder, copy that matches your brand voice, aesthetically pleasing designs, and other little details that make up the whole website.    

When using certain images, it’s important to choose ones that don’t have copyright issues. With content, it’s important to publish uniquely written copies and blogs. 

8. Test your website: Put your website to the test. Before launching a website, it’s important to test your website for functionality to ensure all the features are working flawlessly as designed. This may include lead form generation, technical integration, and more. If your website is used to help run your business, then check that integrations with third-party tools are running smoothly. Make sure your site is secure and it’s properly encrypted. 

9. Set up an analytics software: It’s important to track and analyze your website’s performance when it goes live. You can choose which analytics tool you will be using for your new site and set up new accounts if required. 

10. Run a social media campaign: Before launching your new website, you can run a social media campaign to create buzz. This will increase your target audience’s anticipation and bring in more views when the website is launched. This will boost brand awareness and brand credibility. 

11. Set a launch date: It could take a couple of months to design and build your website. Creating backlink content, crawling for bugs, and everything in between can take a lot of time and effort. It is also important to make your website SEO-friendly and mobile-friendly. Give yourself room for any corrections that need to be made before setting a launch date.

At, we have an expert team of designers and content writers who work in tandem to build a professional website. Our SEO experts will ensure your website ranks on top of the SERP to reach a massive audience. Need a website makeover? Reach out to us.

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