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WhatsApp Marketing Company In India


WhatsApp Marketing Company In India

As Indians, we inherently understand what it means to advertise and market something. Of course, we happen to advertise something or the other to our prospects (friends, family, and sometimes to our pets). But there is just one thing that we have never realized. That we are marketers ourselves. Technically, that makes us creative beings in one aspect.

With that being said, we are a vast community relying on social networking mediums to carry out our tasks more effectively and efficiently. However, not many people or even businesses know how to draw a fine line to market what they intend to.


Before it gets further confusing, we are talking about the concept of WhatsApp marketing in India and how companies do WhatsApp marketing. 

What Is WhatsApp Marketing


WhatsApp marketing is a marketing strategy focused on attracting prospects and leads to your business through WhatsApp. Originally, WhatsApp was not a platform designed for this, but over the years, WhatsApp became a medium to engage with customers personally. Recently, WhatsApp also launched WhatsApp business to connect intimately with customers and catering their needs.

WhatsApp marketing is targeted to audiences who may have varied interests about anything and everything but don’t know how to streamline. Businesses that are conducted through WhatsApp are random and unspecific, which means it is unknown who the target audiences are. For years, this has been the norm in WhatsApp marketing and businesses somehow managed to engage with customers. Also, this only proved right if the business that reaches to their customers are verified or else they are the risk of being blocked. 

How Do You Conduct A WhatsApp Marketing Campaign

There is nothing unique about WhatsApp except being efficient and creative with personalized messaging. Except, it only with WhatsApp that you get to reach your customers more quickly with message open rates at 98% than your conventional email open rates. The response rates are also fairly high with WhatsApp at about 84%. Ironically, WhatsApp’s weakness is also its strength. It is critical to understand how best to conduct a WhatsApp marketing campaign without damaging your business’ credibility. 


A Few Ways To Execute A WhatsApp Marketing Campaign That Suits You Are As Follows

  1. One-one interaction - This definitely sells among your customers who are likely to respond to interpersonal interaction. But, you should know that you can reach your customers if you have their contacts on your list.

  2. Group chats - This works fairly well when your target audience is small. Your business can scale if you have a Call to Action (CTA) in place, where you can get your customers to share their numbers for some initial demand to fill. Once you have their numbers, you have a small customer base who are likely to do business with you. 

  3. Broadcast lists - This is an anonymous way of reaching out but still works fine if you are sending out invitations or event updates or personal business information. Companies like Practo, Uber, BookMyShow use message broadcasts to reach their customers.

The Current Gap In WhatsApp Marketing

As with any social networking platforms, WhatsApp also has a huge gap that needs to be filled. Especially to help businesses with their reachability. Fundamentally, WhatsApp is functional only if the users have phone numbers attached to their WhatsApp profile. Without this, it is impossible for businesses to know how to reach the right customers (or even anyone). 

Agencies and companies that exist across the country promises of running effective WhatsApp marketing campaigns. But, in hindsight, it is churning the same butter by adding some more. Unlike other social media platforms, WhatsApp doesn’t sell ad space for businesses. This is a huge downside as the same businesses are able to market on Facebook, Google, or across other sites as well. In its truest sense, WhatsApp is best used when it comes to personal Interaction. Customers would also feel more belonged if a brand recognizes its customers through WhatsApp.


The Solution To The Problem


Fortunately, the solution lies in the problem itself. Firstly, businesses need visibility. WhatsApp, for now, does not allow that citing privacy concerns. Secondly, for customers, it's an effort to find the business online and then reach out to the business to be a part of their WhatsApp group.

Luckily, we have something that could just offer what’s missing. ChatPages - a WhatsApp business directory to find and reach to businesses. The way ChatPages work is quite simple and has immense potential to be uncovered. 

ChatPages essentially list businesses around your location. It helps to gain visibility for businesses that allows potential customers to find them easily. Businesses can include the necessary information through the listing along with their numbers to help customers reach faster.

The most important feature of all is the Bot Creation for your WhatsApp Business profile. We already know that a templated messaging feature comes when you have WhatsApp Business profile. But that suffices only to greet your customers, and they have to wait until the operator gets back to answering queries. With the Bot Creation feature of ChatPages, you can create your WhatsApp bots for your business to answer all common customer queries. This should ring a bell as this is somewhat similar to websites having a FAQ section to answer your initial queries.

Chatpages Is A WhatsApp Business Directory

For customers, ChatPages allows them to search for their needs by location and category filters. This helps customers to simplify their search and reach out to businesses more seamlessly. 

To know more about what ChatPages can do, download the app from the App Store and Google Play. 

ChatPages is a WhatsApp Business Directory app developed by the best WhatsApp marketing and Digital marketing company in India - Sociall.In. 

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