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Whatsapp marketing in india

Updated: Nov 7, 2023

WhatsApp marketing or WhatsApp - how much do you know?

We exist in a world where it is digitally-populated like never before. Anything and everything that you do almost finds you seeking the help of digital tools. Social media platforms are no exception to that. They have made users become socially connected and have an end to end interaction, something that was only reserved for the royals a couple of centuries ago. 

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat, and a handful of social networks are being used at scale by users all over the world. And certainly, it is used for other purposes too. Marketing your business, creating content for prospects and leads, and many more. The applications are just endless. But are we really missing out on something major here? You are probably right. WhatsApp is out of the picture. But it won’t be anymore as this article dives into how much we know our WhatsApp well and how much one can use it to its maximum potential. 

WhatsApp explained

WhatsApp is a message-sharing platform that allows users to connect and network worldwide through text messages, pictures, videos, and other information using the Internet as a medium. As of today, WhatsApp is the most used application in over 100 countries for its ease of messaging and information sharing. With a registered 450 million monthly users in India alone, WhatsApp’s potential is immense as it grows daily. 

If you closely observe, your morning messages are the ones to wake you up than your morning alarm. The messages-sharing platform has also branched into more ways to find its use among businesses. 

WhatsApp For Business - A Mammoth In Making

Initially, WhatsApp was restricted only for individual users to have one to one interaction replacing the similar SMS service due to its high costs. As the years passed by, businesses found a way to reach their customers and market their products and/or services and generate leads for the same. This was even before the entry of the WhatsApp Business application that was launched in January 2018. 

Since we mentioned how businesses used WhatsApp before a dedicated app for business purposes, let’s assume a few possibilities.

  1. Businesses created their own WhatsApp profile under one group in their organization to promote their products and/or services. 

  2. Deals were closed within WhatsApp when a business shared its products and acquired instant orders at the same time. 

  3. Or it was just used as an information channel for people to know what their brands were up to. (possible, only if the brand sends its number or gets customers to share their numbers)

After the launch of WhatsApp Business, nothing has changed much about marketing and placing orders, and getting information. A few features like automated messaging and message analytics proved useful for businesses to enhance customer interaction. Here comes the best part - WhatsApp Marketing.

For years, the ones doing business through WhatsApp Business or WhatsApp might have realized its importance. WhatsApp, though, was particular about its privacy policies and its intent behind its creation. To provide one to one endless messaging with no privacy breaches. And strictly, no room for ad campaigns. 

In early 2019, WhatsApp announced that it will soon feature “Status Ads” in its application for businesses. Now, take a moment to imagine how much your business would benefit from this feature. 

The Challenges Yet To Be Solved

If you’re someone from the 80s and 90s or even before that, you would know how the Yellow Pages telephone directory played a significant role in our lives. We are sure that no technology to date has the potential that Yellow Pages had (except for Truecaller). However, even with the Status Ads feature, it is still limited to 256 people who have your numbers to engage with your business. Or for your business to broadcast messages, having a log of all the customers is humanly impossible. 

The problem with WhatsApp is that it is built around personal communication and not for a community that is unknown. Although personalized interaction is good for businesses to have an intimate relationship with customers, it still struggles to reach far and wide. 

WhatsApp also has WhatsApp Business API that can only reach up to 100,000 customers in a 24-hour window. This is relatively good considering the numerous customers that can be reached. It is effective, but still, no one knows how far it will go. 

ChatPages - A “Nail In The Coffin” Alternative

You have probably never heard of ChatPages. Why? Because we are new and quite unique. Let us tell you why. 

  1. In order to look for a service, you need to have their profile or some visible information about that. 

  2. If you’re not specific about what you want, you may expect some categories to show up to find what you’re looking for. 

  3. You will only be prompted to take any action if what you’re looking for is accessible. 

ChatPages essentially solves all these for you by being the business directory on WhatsApp. You could list your business, or you could find businesses relevant to your needs all under the roof of ChatPages. This, in turn, helps your business become more convenient with the existing use of WhatsApp Business API to reach and attract more customers. 

Are you someone who is still on the lookout for a simple and effective way to market your business? ChatPages helps you to do more than just that.

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