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Wix Website Building, Search Engine Optimization And Pitch Deck For An Influencer Management Comp...


Wix Website Building, Search Engine Optimization And Pitch Deck For An Influencer Management Company | Strategy

  1. The strategy for the influencer management company involves the building of a Wix website (with baseline content) and the marketing of that website using SEO.

  2. When it comes to setting up the website, we ’d set up Wix Hosting (at actuals) and connect it to the domain. We ’d select from the templates available based on the references provided, and then we ’d set about building the website

  3. At the same time, we ’d set up the baseline content required for the website, and start designing the initial set of banners required based on inputs from the brand. We ’d lay out the structure of the site and provide for future adding of content on the same in areas like blogs and case studies.

  4. After connecting the website to Analytics, and Search Console, we ’d identify a list of keywords like “Influencer management companies in Chennai’ and build content as well as backlinks for the same so that over time the website ranks on the first page of Google.

  5. We ’d also set up a Data Studio report which would help us track the progress of the SEO and traffic in real-time.

  6. We ’d also run ads on Google and Facebook/Instagram to increase the engagement of the content, and (in the case of Google) to drive clicks to the website against specific keywords based on the procedures we perform. We ’d have to constantly monitor ads to ensure platform compliance.

  7. We ’d also periodically collab with influencers on a part barter + cash model wherein we ’d have them visit the clinic to co<1>create content. We ’d also set up a Data Studio report to track the performance of the ads in real-time.

  8. We can also take up ad-hoc requirements for developing content in terms of case study videos, pitch decks and other collaterals.

  9. These would involve our team scripting out the same based on references, and then working to produce them with a TAT of 10 days per collateral.


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