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Wix Website Buildng, Social Media Marketing And Advertising, Google And YouTube Ads For A Jewelle...


Wix Website Building, Social Media Marketing And Advertising, Google And YouTube Ads For A Jewellery Brand | Strategy

  1. The first campaign is a Back to School Style campaign with three broad elements: Either the customer enrolls in a Chitti Scheme of value and gets a choice from high-quality school gear, or they exchange their old gold (with benefit) and get new gold with school gear, or they purchase new gold with school gear benefit.

  2. The campaign would run across Google, Social Media, and YouTube.

  3. On Google, we need to divide up our target audience into three categories; when it comes to Search and traffic to the landing page

  4. Category A: These would be audiences searching for things like Kids Investments, FD, RD for children and so on. These would benefit from a Gold Chitti Scheme with School Gear Benefits.

  5. Category B: These would be audiences looking to sell their old gold, monetize their old gold and get the additional 50 Rs. per gram benefit plus School gear Benefits.

  6. Category C: These would be audiences looking to get School gear sorted for their children; possibly we can include parents looking to pay fees online.

  7. The maximum weightage to be given to Cat A, then B and C. We ’ ve arrived at the Search Volume and CPC for an indicative list of keywords for each category.

  8. We need to set up the Wix Website (and domain) with a landing page with the necessary collaterals (Requirement list to be provided) in order to speak to the 3 categories of audiences above.

  9. When it comes to social media we need to estimate the audience size for people living in Chennai with kids between the age of 5-15 interested in making investments for their children, and education. We would need to extend the same audience to Youtube.

  10. We ’d split the budget 40:30:30 (Google, social media and YouTube) and The entire media budget needs to be spent from May 6 - June 6th.

  11. In WhatsApp marketing, we are going to use software named "WATI," which is the official partner of Whatsapp API. And it is 100% safe and spam-free.

  12. To begin with, we will need a phone number where we can send the messages. (Note: Once you set up this number with WhatsApp API, we can't use normal WhatsApp with it).

  13. As the next step, we need a verified Facebook Business Manager. We will help you activate your Business Manager in 4-5 business days if required. Once we finish the signup process with the basic requirements, we can start designing and sending WhatsApp messages.

  14. We have Basic and Advanced plans with different features, where we can choose a plan that suits our requirements.

  15. In the beginning, we can send 1k free messages, after which we will have to top up the wallet. The cost per message will vary for different countries.

  16. We would then set up a report which would help us track our activities from the dashboard.

  17. From the creative POV, we need to make adaptations in order to achieve the volumes required by digital i.e. At least 30 stories, 10 reels and 15 posters for a month campaign. These adaptations need to be vetted before publishing.


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