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Content Creation, LinkedIn Ads, Google Ads, SEO, and Animation Strategy for a Forensic Accounting...


Increase sales with valuable content
  1. The strategy for the forensic accounting automation software is divided along the lines of the target audience are audit firms, google ads, content marketing.

  2. When it comes to LinkedIn we’d set up a content calendar which would dictate the kinds of posts that would go up on our LinkedIn Page. Ideas for content would include things Bringing the power of AI to Forensic accounting for your Company, Expand your audit firm’s workforce by using AI in forensic accounting, and Case Studies of famous companies and their financial fraud detection challenges.

  3. When it comes to the Content marketing side of things, this would involve amping up our On-Page presence by creating high quality, high impact content in the form of long-form blogs to be published on the website. These blogs would explain various aspects of the software, the Application of Ai in reducing Fleet on Street (especially in a post-COVID era) and Machine Learning Models that we’ve build to enhance the efficiency of the process.

  4. We’d also create one animated video for the month (with VO and music at actuals) which would explain the product in a visual manner thereby increasing the propensity for visitors to Request a Demo.

  5. When it comes to the Google ads side of thigs: we’d run ads against specific keywords like “forensic accounting software” which would result in users clicking through to the website where our content marketing would help them Request a Demo (paid to Google, PPC).

  6. When it comes to the SEO side of things, we’d build backlinks from other blogs and forums like India Forensics (paid listings at actuals) wherein we’d get inbound links which when counted over time would help us rank organically on the first page of Google like other plays (Valid).

  7. We’d also be running Linkedin ads (paid to Linkedin) to enhance the visibility of content posted among the target audience of Partners at Audit firms, CFOs CXOs and Financial Controllers of companies. We’d also set up a Data Studio report to track the performance in real-time across our ads and content marketing


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