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Content Marketing and Performance Marketing Strategies for an International School


Expert Content Marketing with Successful Results
  1. The strategy for the international school involves content marketing (blogs, social media), performance marketing (google ads, social media ads)

  2. On the lines of the kinds of experiences we’re trying to market to potential students we’d push towards both the in-person classes and the online courses for the Cambridge program.

  3. When it comes to the content marketing side of things, we’d create a content calendar which would encompass areas like blogs, short videos and social media posts. When deciding what Blog content to produce we’d use SEMRush to understand the keyword density of competitors and write accordingly. We can also leverage AI to write content based on industry best practices.

  4. We’d also build backlinks to these blog articles from other related websites in order to overtime rank the keywords on the first page of Google Search (SE). These keywords would include topics based around career opportunities, specific courses, and new educational areas.

  5. When it comes to the social media side of things we’d use Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp Communities as our primary channels of Communication. In terms of Communities we’d assist the school in setting up a Community to aid faster and richer communication with parents. In terms of Facebook and Instagram we’d work on highlighting the new education that we’re providing to our students, the career opportunities open and engaging online quizzes/trivia for current students.

  6. With specific regard to Video Content we’d have talking head style 2 minute videos with faculty and management to encourage trust in the system, and we can also have testimonial type videos from students and parents. This can be published on YouTube to enhance organic visibility.

  7. When it comes to the paid social media marketing (paid to Facebook) We’d run ads on Facebook and Instagram to enhance the visibility of the content as well as to increase the engagement on the content. We can divide our target audiences into buckets of existing student parents, potential student parents and even private organizations that can partner with the school to offer global education opportunities.

  8. When it comes to paid marketing on Google we’d use a mix of Search Ads and YouTube ads to increase the visibility of our content. These could be geo fenced (similar to the Facebook ads) in order to reflect the different types of courses on offer - such as online and offline.

  9. The YouTube ads can be geared towards increasing visibility of content and the Google ads can increase search clicks to the website for keywords based on courses, opportunities and admissions.

  10. We ’d be able to precisely measure our spends across digital, social and content performance in the form of a Live Data Studio report.

  11. We ’d take care of connecting through our various data sources in order to reflect the most accurate picture.


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