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Google And YouTube Ads, Search Engine Optimization And Social Media Advertising Strategies For A ...


Effective Google AdWords Management to Boost Web Traffic
  1. The strategy for the CBSE school is to look at 360-degree digital marketing with a spread across Google (ads and SEO), Social media (Organic Content Creation for Branding), and Youtube (ads) with select distribution through YouTubers.

  2. When it comes to Google, we ’d run ads (paid to Google) during the peak season, running against keywords like “Best CBSE Schools ” in Perambur; designed to take users to optimized landing pages on our website where they can be made to convert. While Google Display ads can be used for showing ads in select apps (among others) like TrueCaller to users based on location and interest, we ’d recommend against the same because of ROI requirements.

  3. We’d also recommend looking at ads (and marketing) over a three-month horizon, giving the algorithm time to optimize, and giving us time to arrive at an exact Cost per Lead. The results given by a two-day (Especially a two-day weekend) demo would be misleading.

  4. If the DB is provided (and we had recommended against using third-party purchased DBs because of reliability concerns) then we can create WhatsApp Blasts, using the software like WATI.

  5. We ’d also build content that can be updated on the website and build backlinks to the same in order to increase the longer-term ranking of the website for Google Organic Search.

  6. When it comes to social media marketing, we ’d create a content calendar for designing creatives and posting videos on social media like Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube. This will result in heightened brand awareness and reduced CPC on our other paid marketing. We ’d recommend a moderated paid budget (paid to Facebook) in order to maintain engagement levels on our Page. Ideas for content would include things like career deep dives, past results, and trivia-related posts; as well as interview-style videos with key personnel.

  7. On YouTube, we ’d adopt a mix of Discovery and Video ads (using the content already posted on our Channel. Ads would be paid to YouTube) in order to track and target potential parents in our desired location looking to send their kids to CBSE school.

  8. We ’d also selectively engage with YouTube Influencers who create content in the education space to have in-video spots dedicated to the school. We ’d moderate/scale our ad budgets and promotions depending on the season.

  9. As per SEO, we can also engage on a paid website maintenance contract which would include things like security updates, backups and content updates.

  10. We ’d be able to track the performance of our ads using Google Data Studio; which would be live-updated.


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