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Google, YouTube And Amazon Ads, Social Media Marketing And Advertising Strategies For A Sunglasse...

Social Media Marketing And Advertising Strategies For A Sunglasses

Unique social media advertising campaigns
  1. The strategy for the sunglasses brand is divided into content creation (co-branded and original), advertising (paid to Platform) and Influencer marketing.

  2. When it comes to content creation, we ’d set up accounts on WhatsApp (Blast at actuals), Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube. We ’d have a content calendar set up for each platform which would encompass a mix of photos, videos, posts, gifs and stories.

  3. We’d seek to also co-create content with influencers in different fields wherein we’d have our team shoot the content and them share it on their social media as well as us resharing it on our page

  4. We ’d divide the content into a pre-launch phase, a post-launch phase, and a high-season phase. Influencer costs would be at actuals plus a handling fee for co-ordination.

  5. During the prelaunch phase, we ’d create teaser type posts and have corresponding influencer campaigns to drive home the messages. Ideas like Pictures of influencers at important places around the target region with the faces blurred out.

  6. We can use influencer marketing software like Brandie to handle campaigns at scale with nano influencers based on their age groups, location and posting niche; while combining it with an aspirational influencer selection to maintain content production quality standards

  7. We ’d also tailor content according to the platform; for example, on Linkedin, we ’d focus more on the corporate personality of the brand with a view to attracting talent and investors, and on Facebook/Instagram we ’d keep our content exclusively customer focussed. Travel and prop costs would be at actuals.

  8. When it comes to the advertising side of things we’d again divide it into brand and performance advertising (paid to platform). For brand advertising, we’d primarily use social media and YouTube (paid to Facebook and Google) and for performance advertising, we’d use social media and Amazon (paid to Facebook and Amazon)

  9. On Facebook and Instagram for the brand, we can focus on running ads to people interested in sunglasses and eyewear. We can also geo-focus our ads to appeal to the target region. On Youtube, we can focus our ads on trending content to the target audience of people interested in online shopping sunglasses.

  10. On the performance side of things, we can look at Shopping ads on Facebook and Instagram and dynamic ads (with conversion optimization on brand keywords) to drive traffic to the website for orders. Amazon Ads would be search ads that take users to Amazon product pages

  11. We can tweak our budgets on ads and volume of content depending on the phase and the season, and we can measure the performance of the ads using a Google Data Studio Dashboard

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