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HR Assistant

HR Assistant

Dealing with people is the most challenging, and rewarding role of them all. is a leading, growth-centric social media and digital marketing agency based in Chennai, brought to life by the VGP Group of Companies.

We’re looking for a young, honest and hardworking HR Assistant to join our team in Chennai.

Your role can be divided into three parts:


  1. We’re constantly on the look out for great talent in various departments.

  2. It’s your role to work with management and develop the job description, along with the roles and responsibilities of the prospective hire.

  3. You will then publish the job post on the various online platforms that we use to hire.

  4. You will shortlist through the candidates who apply, and put them through the various assessment tests that we have for the position.

  5. You will need to keep an organised track of the candidates who apply, their progress through the testing process and their interviews.

  6. You will need to schedule interviews with the candidates that make it through the test, and then collate the interview results.

  7. Finally, you will have to make the offer to the selected candidate and get him/her through the joining and induction process.

Employee and Office Management:

  1. You will need to ensure that the employees are productive (at office or remote) in terms of the pre-set KPIs.

  2. You will have to manage employee attendance, leave, travel and comp-off in concert with the management.

  3. You will need to have regular sessions with the team to make sure their improving on various pre-set soft-skills and job related parameters.

  4. When it comes to office (and remote premises) you will need to ensure that employees have a safe ad conducive environment to work. This includes managing Office Facilities (Sanitation, electricity, safety protocols) and Employee Equipment (Laptops, internet and other role-specific gear) through the appropriate vendors.

  5. You will need to take charge of the conduct of various festivals at the office – including Diwali, Christmas and so on.

  6. You will also need to render Executive assistance to the Directors of the company.

Employee Exit: You will need to take care of exit formalities, interviews, letters and experience certificates. You will need to manage (to the best of your ability) employee notice periods and recruitment to fill empty positions.

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VGP Victory House, அண்ணா சாலை, Mount Road, Anna Salai, Triplicane, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600002.

Phone: 63850 84122

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